Burke's Bites was established in March of 2015 based on the idea that I could share with others my love for cooking. I also wanted to educate those who are "non" and "tentative" cooks who might not have grown up in a cooking household, how to easily make wonderful meals. 

The recipes are not complicated, and require minimal ingredients. While it is important to start with a good recipe, as you gain confidence, my philosophy is that you "add as you go." The key is to not be afraid to tinker with the recipe to satisfy your tastes. Perhaps a bit more spice, a splash of wine or even adding some heat with chili peppers may take your dish to the next level. Yes,recipes give us a solid baseline as to how to start prepping the food, but it is how you execute the food that makes you a great cook in the kitchen. 

Enjoy the site, enjoy the recipes. Follow me through my successes and even failures during my cooking adventures! 


Alexandra Burke