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Fig and Olive  

Meats and Cheese heaven. The perfect place to enjoy a full bodied glass of wine with your charcuterie platter. Multiple locations in the city, and the menu varies at each one. 

Craft Bar 

If you love Top Chef, then you will love Craft Bar. One of Tom Colicchio's amazing restaurants, located in the heart of gramercy/union square, Craft Bar provides a "farm to table" environment. Don't forget to order the Ricotta Veal meatballs!  

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Tavern 62

David Burke is the master of the kitchen. Not only are his dishes beautifully plated but the flavors are unreal. From "Angry Lobster" Dumplings to Rosemary Bacon served on a hang dryer, Tavern 62 is the perfect place to really treat yourself to an amazing meal. 

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Ranked on of the top 50 best restaurants in the world last year, Cosme brought all of my taste buds alive. Avocado is a main ingredient for most of the dishes. Do not forget to save room for dessert. I highly recommend ordering the Husk meringue with corn mousse. To die for. 

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Flex Mussels

If you are craving oysters and an array of different types of Mussels, Flex Mussels is the place to go. Located both in the West Village and Upper East side, they provide great service, excellent food and even an affordable happy hour special. 

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Joes Shanghai

Soup dumplings. Just order the soup dumplings. The best in town. There are multiple locations including Midtown East, Chinatown and Queens.