Cream of Mushroom Chicken with Sautéed Spinach and Brown Rice

1 packet of thinly sliced chicken breasts
Bread crumbs (the Progresso Italian style one is great)
1 egg
A dash of Milk
1 packet of Mushrooms- chopped in slices
2 cloves of garlic
A packet of spinach (a lot of spinach unfortunately only sautés a small portion)
1 can of campbell's cream of mushroom
A dash of truffle oil
Salt and Pepper
1/4 of an onion- chopped
A dash of marsala wine

1. Turn on stove and put olive oil in a pan and let the oil heat up
2. Crack open one egg and add a dash of milk in a bowl. Mix together. 
3. Dump a thin layer of bread crumbs onto a plate – then take the chicken from the packet and submerge the chicken in the egg wash and then place the chicken on the plate of bread crumbs and cover both sides (its just a quick touch and go- see picture for example)
4. Place on stove top and cook each side for about 3 minutes each maybe less depending on the thickness of the chicken
When cooked through, place a paper towel on a plate and place chicken on top. This way the oils get socked up in the cloth and leave your chicken a little healthier.
5.For the sauce – use the same sauté pan after chicken is done and add chopped mushrooms, the chopped clove of garlic and the chopped onions into the pan. 
6. Cook mushrooms for about 3 to 5 minutes and add a sprinkle of truffle oil. The thing about truffle oil is that a little goes A LONG WAY. 
7. Add the can of cream of mushroom to the pan – and add a sprinkle of water so it isn’t so thick. Cook on low heat for a few more minutes then your sauce is completed.
8. For spinach – its quick- grab another sauté pan- add the spinach with some olive oil and garlic and mix around until the spinach has wilted. Add some salt and pepper for flavor. 
9. Rice- easy- just use one of those 90 second Uncle Ben packets (this should be done last.See my picture for how to properly plate your dish and THERE YOU HAVE IT!