Bubbly Bar

What you need for perfect "Bubbly Bar":

  1. You do not necessarily need only champagne. Champagne is from a specific part of France, so using Prosecco and Brut are also acceptable and serve the same purpose. Make sure to keep bottles on ice, and extra bottles near by in the fridge. Trust me when I say that the bottles will go quick. 
  2. Multiple Juice Options: Orange Juice, Mango, Agave, and Guava Juices
  3. Add some chopped fruit to the table such as strawberries, oranges, blackberries to add extra flavor to the cocktail. 
  4. Make your own "DIY" labels for the table so that it is easy to identify what each juice or item is on the table.
  5. To save $, use plastic champagne flutes from Party City or any kind of party store. They look the same as the glass, and it makes for an easier clean up. 
  6. To finish off your yummy cocktail, add striped straws to the table.
  7. In regards to decor: adding balloons or even some fresh roses to the table for elegance. 

Pour and enjoy!