Hello Everyone! 

By day, I am a Fashion Designer in NYC for a well-known Global Brand. I have been in NYC for almost 6 years now! Although my work schedule is pretty intense, I love to eat and I still find time to cook a good meal. In a way, cooking is a comfort for me. 

I grew up in a very large Italian (and a little bit of Irish) family, where learning how to cook was not only a necessity, it was a way of life. Cooking and sneaking in a few tastes brought us all together in the kitchen. I was taught by two strong women, my mother and my late grandmother, on how to "throw it down" in the kitchen. These exceptional cooks, whose love for feeding family and friends as well as entertaining, showed in their delicious food. Each of their recipes, especially my grandmothers, had a story behind it. My goal is to one day pass along my love for food and cooking to my children.